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The English Club Newsletter


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Seconde "A" Newsletter, Volume One, November 2001

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can only be achieved through constant and willing practices. In this, this Newsletter is an occasion. Moreover, through the attractive and varied topics, our pupils will certainly broaden their culture and knowledge, open their minds and perhaps develop a critical view in them.
So, by sending articles to this magazine, pupils may test and judge their writing skills and abilities. Then, the magazine aims at creating a link between pupils of different schools wherewith to trigger off a dynamic environment of exchange through which the future English Club

will find its foundation. Of course, as a trial, this magazine has got some shortcomings; but we hope youll enjoy it. As a baby, your magazine needs to grow up and to grow well. And so, its improvement, growth and long life depends on you. Send us as many articles as you can. This Newspaper is yours. Dont allow it to be stillborn.
So, take your pens! READY, STEADY AND WRITE!

The editors
Halidou KONFE, Lyce


ur thanks are due to all those who, in one way or another, helped us in our project of creating this magazine.
We are most grateful to the Headmasters of Lyce Yamwaya and Lyce Yadga, without whose consent, advice and heartfelt contributions, the magazine would certainly not have been a reality.
We are also indebted to all the colleagues and friends with whom we have shared ideas that bore the seeds of this magazine.
Most of all, we are beholden to the second cycle students of both schools, and specially Seconde A4 pupils for their enthusiastic welcome of the project and for their quick efforts in submitting their articles to us.

We are very sorry for those articles that are not published in this volume. Dont be cross with us. Wait for the Volume 2 and you will your piece of writing edited. Dont forget to send us a picture of yours.


owadays some men still refuse to send their daughters to school. Eric and Raogo are two friends. Raogo finds that education doesnt have any importance for women and Eric should convince him to send her daughter to school.

Eric: Raogo, school starts next week; I have to go and register my daughter. What about you?
Raogo: Never! Why are you speaking as if you are a European?
Eric: Dont mind! Try to understand me. I havent come to bother you.
Raogo: Every day Minata helps my wife to fetch water and cook the meal. She can also help me to cultivate at the field. Why do you want me then to send such a kind girl to school?
Eric: Thats insufficient. If Minata is educated she will be able to read, write, speak other languages such as French, English and get a job and help you later on.
Raogo: Let me go my way!

One day Raogo got a letter from a friend of his who had gone to Cte dIvoire. He felt the necessity to look for someone able to decipher it. He went to Erics.

Raogo: Eric, Ive got a letter; can your daughter read it to me?
Eric: No problem. Lisa! Come here and read a letter to your friends father.
Lisa arrived and started reading: Dear Raogo, I wrote this letter to greet you. Im healthy I send you this little amount of money to help you go through this famine that usually strikes at the same period of time Good bye and see you later.

Raogo: Thank you very much, Lisa
Raogo spoke to himself: If my daughter Minata was literate, Eric wouldnt know that I am going to receive some money. Tomorrow Im sending her to school. Eric, now Im convinced that education has a meaning for women.
Raogo: Good bye Eric. Come and bring my daughter with you when youll be going to school tomorrow.

TAO Ali, 2nde A4, Yadga


he African Cup of Nations takes place every two years. The 23rd edition is organised by Mali in January 2002.
Our country, Burkina Faso and others such as Cameroon, Mali, Cte dIvoire, Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Nigeria, South Africa, Gambia, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia are taking part.

There will be four groups A, B, C and D. Our team The Stallions is in Group B with South Africa, Ghana and Morocco. The first match is on January 19th, in the Stade du 26 mars of Bamako. The Stallions play at Sgou.
Good luck to our Etalons!

SAWADOGO Halidou, Tle D, Yadga


n the world, life is getting more and more difficult and natural resources are rare.
In Africa we have few people who work in offices. But these people have many families to feed. Parents cannot satisfy their childrens needs. The girls who are in such families need money to buy dresses and jeans. Who will give them the money to do it? Here starts prostitution.
Prostitution is getting more and more widespread .in Africa and particularly in Burkina Faso. But girls do not know the consequences of prostitution.
For example we have AIDS and STDs which are killing many men and women. Prostitution is a bad thing in the world and its causes should be found and fought.

SAWADOGO Rasman, 2nde A4, Yadga

ne day, Hyena and Hare decide to go into the bush to look for some eggs. On their way Hare saw forty eggs and Hyena said that they were his grandfathers. He took them into his bag and they went on. They walked and walked, then they saw a big tree near a mountain. Hare told Hyena to go up the mountain and see what they could find there. Hare saw one hundred eggs once more, and Hyena said again: Theyre my ancestors, dont take them! Hyena took them and put them into his bag. Hare found two eggs around there and hid them in his bag. They went back home. Once there, Hare cooked his two eggs and said: family, you are going to eat many more eggs. Wait a while! Hare broke one egg, put it on his body and ran to Hyenas, saying: I died because I have eaten one egg. So what will happen to those people who have eaten more eggs? Hyena heard Hare crying. He got frightened and threw his eggs out of his compound. At night, Hare went back and took those eggs home for his family. Hyena, youre not clever; never try to cheat me! Hare said to himself.
(GUINDO Salifou, 2nde A4, Yamwaya)

ne day, Hyena and Hare decided to travel to town. When they arrived, their host welcomed them and gave them a house. Her wife brought water to them and they greeted one other. She then prepared rice and meat. They ate the rice and Hare asked Hyena to share the meat. It was dark, so Hyena managed to steal some and hide it on the roof of their house. But what he didnt know was that Hare had seen him. They wished each other good night. Hare told Hyena he was going to urinate behind the house. He took the meat Hyena had hidden and ran away with it. When Hyena realised what had happened, he swore to kill hares wherever he meets them.
(MAGA Mamoudou, 2nde A4, Yamwaya)

here was famine in the bush so Hyena and Hare decided one day to sell their mothers to buy millet.
Hyena tied his mother up to a solid cord but Hare, who was very clever, used a fragile rope to do it.
On the way to the market, Hares mother broke her rope and ran away. Hare pretended to be very sorry. Hyena told him that it didnt matter. They sold Hyenas mother and bought the millet, which they shared.
Its always said that Hare is cleverer than Hyena.
( OUEDRAOGO Djnabou, 2nde A4, Yamwaya)

ne day, three men decided to travel by foot. They got some flour and sugar in their bag. When they got hungry, they stopped under a tree to eat.
The first man said that he wanted to climb up the tree to take some fruit. When he was climbing, he managed to watch his other fellows and prevent him from eating without him. Unfortunately he fell down and broke his neck.
The second decided to go to a well and fetch some water. He went there while watching the food under the tree so that the other fellow would not take it. He walked without looking behind him, and finally fell into the well.
The third man who stayed under the tree was very hungry. Unfortunately, an animal ran by and put its feet into the calabash where the flour was. He decided to run after the animal and take off the food stuck to its feet. The animal gave him a kick and he died
Who was the hungriest of the three?
(OUEDRAOGO Adama de B., 2nde A4, Yadga)

n a village lived a big liar.
One day he took two pieces of gold and put them into his horses mouth. He proposed to sell the horse to the king. At the Palace, he said his horse vomits gold and he sold it very expensively.
The king bought the horse and asked his servants to dig a very large hole to collect the gold the horse would give up. But the liar told the king that the first two pieces of gold were his. The king accepted, and the liar took them into his pocket. The king was very happy because he had had a horse that would make him richer.
Days passed then months, and years and nothing gilt went out of the horses mouth. The king got angry and asked to bring the man to him. He tied him to a tree with a solid rope and let him there in the bush to die from starvation. But the liar found a bright idea. He started crying suddenly: I dont want a wife and you want to force me to take one. I dont want a wife. A man who was passing by heard him and believed in what he was saying. He asked the liar: You dont want a wife and they tied you up here, is it so? and he answered Yes. The man cut the rope off and the liar took to his heels.
(OUEDRAOGO Mady de H., 2nde A4, Yadga)

nce in a small village lived a man with his son whose name was Raogo. This man loved his son so that he was troubled to see him being sad. If someone beat his son and he knew it, nobody could prevent him from taking revenge. You were obliged to beg him pardon, that you were wrong even if you were right. Otherwise, his would beat you.
One day, his decided to go to swim in the river. Unfortunately, when he arrived he saw a tall man whose head was very small there. As the man knew that Raogos father was very dangerous, he hid his whole body under the water except his small head. Raogo thought he was a child. Quickly he went to call his father and together they went back to the river. When they arrived Raogos father started insulting the man and told him to leave the river. When the man stood up from the water, Raogos father got afraid and tried to be kind. He begged pardon from the man while running away with his son.
(SORO Abdoul Moumouni, Tle D, Yadga)

nce upon a time lived a happy young couple. This couple was respected by everybody in the village. A terrible famine settled in the country a year. The couple sold all that they had in order to buy food. When there were nothing left to eat the husband decided to kill their cat. Ive never cooked a cat before. his wife said. Id better go to my fathers than eating a cats meat. When she arrived at her parents she found her mother cooking a mouse. She took her bag and set back to her husbands.
(OUEDRAOGO Souleymane, 2nde A4, Yadga)

n the first night of their wedding, the new husband asked his young wife: My love, tell me that Im the first!
Of course, my darling, but why do all of you always ask the same question?
(OUEDRAOGO Fati, Tle D, Yadga)

man went in a restaurant to eat beans. He left his bicycle at the gate of the restaurant. After having finished eating he paid his bill and went for the door but he couldnt find his bicycle. Out of mind he cried, When I was eating my bicycle, my beans were here.
(HOUNSINON Dnise, 2nde A4, Yadga)

young boy and his mother.
- Mum! Who is in your stomach?
- Your little brother.
- Do you love it?
- Of course!
- If you love it, why did you swallow it up then?
( SALOU Pascale, Tle D, Yadga)

woman wanted to choke herself on seeing her thirteen-year-old son making love with the maid.
So what? The youngster said. Why are you so surprised Mummy? My father plays well with my electric train; why couldnt I play with his belongings?
( ZALLE Maritou, Tle D, Yadga)

man was walking in the park when he came across a hare. He took it to a policeman and said: Ive found this hare, what should I do? Take it to the zoo! replied the policeman. The following day, the policeman saw the same man with the hare. He walked up to him and said: Didnt I tell you to take that hare to the zoo?
Yes!, replied the man, thats what I did yesterday and today Im taking him to the movies.
( OUEDRAOGO Wilfried Daniel, Tle D, Yadga)

r. Torkaye was called Specialist. Specialist of what I dont know. But as a specialist he wanted his children to know everything. So one day, as Mr. Torkaye was sitting near the main gate of his compound, he saw a dwarf passing by. Suddenly, he called out his children: Come! Do come and see a good prototype of what is called a dwarf!
On hearing that, the short man got on his nerves and started insulting our specialist. Softly, the latter replied: Yes, insult me, abuse us as you will, dwarf. I dont mind, provided that my children know what a dwarf is. After all, arent you a dwarf?

rom the railway station where he had just arrived from Cte dIvoire, a passenger asked a taxi-driver to bring him home. About to pay the taxi-drivers his fees, the passenger realised that his wallet had been picked away. Thunderstruck he said: When I was in the wallet my train was in my pocket.
( KONFE Halidou, English teacher, Yadga)

wo doctors are discussing about a man suffering from cold
- What did you prescribe him?
- A bath with fresh water every morning.
- Do you want him to catch bronchitis?
- I could then cure him. Its my speciality.
( OUEDRAOGO Bernard, English teacher, Yamwaya)

1. What do you do if the radio isnt loud enough?
5. Contraction of I am..
8. Im sorry. Thats all
9. Ill see you eight oclock.
10. Unwell.
11. Ill see Tuesday.
12. Not in.
13. Are you happy? Yes, I
15. Its to drive after drinking alcohol.
17. The opposite of out of.
19. Just like 11 across.
21. Is this a long word?
22. You can use this machine to listen
to yourself.
1. Terrorism is his business.
2. Not wrong, not left.
3. The same as 17 across.
4. The opposite of pick up is down.
6. 1,760 yards; 1.6 km.
7. You can see through it.
13. The number of years you have lived.
14. Excuse , can you help ?
15. Do, did,
16. The sun is one.
18. The high end of something.
20. Is John ready? Yes, is.
21. Is this different from 21 across?
23. Would you like some
food something to drink?

Last word

his is Seconde A Newsletter, volume 1. Far from being Seconde A pupils thing, this project is also yours; you, hardworking pupils willing to improve your writing skills in English. They have been the first to accept the idea of creating a school newspaper, but now, they want to share this enthusiasm with all of you. English teachers from both schools promise to help this Newsletter grow. They suggested changing the title to get the other pupils feel involved in the project. If you have titles to suggest, please, send them to your English teacher or to the editors.
There is no other technique for improving writing skills than writing. Its through trials and errors that we acquire knowledge. So, no more hesitation. Send us your articles. You have tales, short stories, short short stories, poems, jokes, riddles, essays give them to your English teacher. He or she will help you correct them before they are sent to the editors.
However, dont be frustrated if your article is not published in a short period of time. We have to select the best to get you enjoy what you will be reading. Try then to be among the best. Have a winner spirit.

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